From Silence to Ship: Your Integrated Audio Team

Your Integrated Audio Team

Our goal at Audio Tank is to create immersive audio experiences for video games while providing seamless production and implementation workflows identical to an in-house audio team. We achieve this goal by working closely with your creatives and programmers to fully understand the team’s artistic vision and path to technical success. This multifaceted and integrative approach produces a deeper understanding of the project, faster iteration, and improved communication between you and Audio Tank, culminating in a strong working relationship, true teamwork and an exceptional product.

From Silence To Ship

From silence to ship, Audio Tank can plug into your project at any stage and provide solutions in numerous sonic and technical areas:

  • Sound Design
  • Interactive Music
  • Voice Over/Dialogue
  • Mixing/Mastering
  • Coding/Implementation
  • 360 Audio for VR/AR

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